Code of Conduct

IDvw’s success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We hold ourselves to standards of ethical behaviour that go well beyond legal minimums.IDvw never compromises these standards and we will never ask any member of the IDvw team to do so either. We owe this commitment to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders. We owe it to ourselves because success without integrity is essentially meaningless.

Our higher standard is at the heart of what we know as the IDvw International Team- the statement of the values and beliefs, which define our shared global culture. This culture of performance with integrity unites us as a company that understands and adheres to our company values and to the laws of the countries in which we do business. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance to ensure we meet our higher standard and conduct business the right way with trust, integrity, honesty, judgment, respect, courage and responsibility. Simply put, we want all members of our team, along with our shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, to understand that they can believe what we say and trust what we do.

Our higher standard includes several key characteristics that both underpin IDvw and provide the foundation for our Code of Conduct:

Trust – Our word is honorable. We keep our commitments to each other and to you – our client.

Integrity – We do everything right without compromise and avoid the risk of error.

Honesty – What we say is true and forthcoming – not just technically correct. We strive to be open and transparent in our communications with each other and business performance.

Judgment – We think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions.

Respect – We always treat people with dignity and value their contributions while maintaining fairness in all relationships.

Courage – We speak up for what is right and support those in making proper decisions.

Responsibility – We always accept the consequences of improper actions, confirm mistakes and correct them where possible.