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ID Verify Wizard

The World’s Only Real Time Direct-Source ID Authentication Portal


PROBLEM: Current ID verification processes are not really “real time”, as they claim. They simply access old, outdated, inaccurate data in real time, which limits their ability to prevent fraud.

How they do it: Other ID companies sporadically purchase database info in “chunks”, often in CD ROM format, such as voter lists, DMV lists, legal filings, etc. They purchase this info at intervals of up to 18-24 months. The accuracy of the data between purchases declines every second, due to additions, deletions and fraud. Businesses and outside government offices rely on this data, often not realizing it’s outdated and inaccurate.


IDvw Authenticator allows businesses and outside government offices to access the data from the source data bases in true real-time (approx. 3 seconds). The patented process enables the platform to sit behind secure database firewalls and transmit data to a way-point on the other side, and then on to the user.


Banking: $1.74 billion in losses in 2012 according to 2013 ABA Deposit Account Fraud Survey
Debit cards: $940 million(54%); Checks: $645 million (37%); ACH: $157 million (9%).

IDvw SOLUTION: Banks and check cashing branches can now verify each driver’s license at the teller, alerting them if it’s stolen, thus preventing cash losses.

eCommerce (Credit cards): $3.4 billion in 2011 latest stats available.

IDvw SOLUTION: Credit card companies can now add a driver’s license number requirement for any online purchase, significantly reducing fraud.

Private insurance: $40 billion (FBI report for USA non-health related insurance)
Health Care Private Sector: $2.4 billion (CHCAA 5% fraud rate).

Medicare: $310 billion (10-15% fraud of $3 trillion according to NHCAA 2012 report). Canadian Public Healthcare: $12 billion (CHCAA 2012 report).

IDvw SOLUTION: Healthcare providers can reduce the widespread practice of fraudulent billing with the same card number from multiple locations simultaneously, using the Authenticator as a secondary database.

Rental Cars: $500 million (2% of $25 billion USA sales)
IDvw SOLUTION: Stolen or fraudulent drivers licenses can be detected at the rental desk, preventing vehicle theft.

ID Theft: $11 billion (2013 CAFC – Canadian Federal Government) $21 billion (USA Congressional Research Service Report – Javelin Strategy & Research, 2013 Identity Fraud Report: Data Breaches Becoming a Treasure Trove for Fraudsters).

CHARGES: Users pay per transaction, just like they do every time a credit card is processed. Setup charges vary with contract requirements.