ID Verify Wizard

Press Release

Green Wormhole

PRESS RELEASE: A landmark U.S. Utility (Technology) Patent was recently awarded to IDvw. Utility patents are not commonly awarded for IT platforms and this one is poised to shake up the verification industry, mainly because its primary use is expected to wipe out massive swaths of fraud in banking, check cashing, online credit card transactions, car rentals, employment, immigration, voting, private insurance, Medicare, etc. Essentially anything involving credit card, ID or identity theft.

Time-accelerating wormholes in the universe only exist in sci-fi, but this patented “wormhole” innovation is very real, and drastically speeds up the travel of data in much the same way – It is world’s first data platform that allows any business to authenticate personal data, such as a driver’s license, insurance card, voter ID card, or national ID card with the same effective speed and accuracy as having direct 24/7 access to highly secure databases. It also allows easy instant verification across various private and government agencies, both domestic and international that allows IDvw’s wormhole platform to connect to their databases.

Mankind’s ability to create wormholes in outer space may be a ways off, but this newly invented cyberspace wormhole is here and functioning today. Watch this space…”